Sunday, February 08, 2009

Winter Menu, Part One

Well, we're two weeks into the 2009 winter menu, so I thought I'd post a couple of videos of some of the items on the menu. Today's selections are the beet salad with smoked salmon, horseradish cream and rye crumble. Also featured is the beginning portion of the Nutella bread pudding, marshmallow, with bacon and bliss maple syrup sauce.

First up...beet salad. Not really sure about the inspiration for this one. Actually, I'm pretty sure that not every dish needs inspiration. It just tastes good. The components are as follows. Roasted beets tossed with olive oil, orange zest and banyuls vinegar; a round of smoked salmon; horseradish cream, frisee and chervil dressed with herbs, vinegar and olive oil; rye crumble.

Next up are two short videos showing our scrapple. The scrapple we make at the restaurant isn't your grandma's scrapple. It contains cornmeal, shallots, ham hock, foie gras and herbs. Like I said, not your grandma's scrapple. This dish is finished off with a grain mustard sabayon, cornichons, micro lettuces and, again with the Bliss maple syrup.

The final video is the first of a couple of videos about Nutella bread pudding. This dish DID have some inspiration. While I was walking the streets of Paris looking for take out coffee, I constantly encountered walk up crepe stands. The most common crepe seemed to be a Nutella crepe. I had a few Nutella crepes and they were nice, however my favorite was a chestnut cream crepe I had close to our hotel. So, I thought Nutella might play nicely in a dessert. In this example we're using Nutella in a bread pudding and pairing it with marshmallow fluff a bacon and maple syrup sauce. This video explains the nuts and bolts behind the bread pudding. Future videos will tackle the sauce and plating. Enjoy!!!

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Laura said...

Nutella is a spread from the gods! Nothing like a late snack of a croissant slathered with nutella, some bananas and grilled on the panini press! The bread pudding sounds amazing!