Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Enough Said....

I originally had a long, drawn out blog post for today regarding Tom Colicchio's Diet Coke commercial that aired during the Oscars. I decided not to write any of it since those of you who read the blog know how I feel about anti-griddles, hydrocolloids(incidentally, methylcellulose, the darling of the molecular gastronomy crowd, is commonly used as a treatment for constipation.....check, please), 'squids' and 'shrimp nests'. The only thing I would like to mention is a short comment to all the Alinea Acolytes. Get over yourselves. It's easy for you to strike out at Tom as a sellout or whatever other blather you're posting on forums. Please take note that he wasn't singling out Grant Achatz or Alinea. He was making a point about the difference between simple, sophistication(which is in need of some magazine ink) and fad/fashion. The fact that Alinea is the leader in the 'modern food movement'(their term, not mine) is what it is. The saying goes 'unless you're the lead dog, the view never changes.' Well, when you're the lead dog, occasionally you get some stones thrown in your face.

Here's the commercial. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...


I saw a food show on PBS a couple years ago where they lasered a vanilla bean into glowing, captured the smoke in a wine glass, inverted it, and presented it to the customer.

What the hell?

Looking forward to trying out your restaurant. I hope it goes well these days.

PS: National Bohemian? That is just wrong!