Sunday, February 22, 2009


Oysters are making an appearance on our late winter menu. Raw, pure, pristine oysters. After consulting with our seafood expert, Dan Smith, I decided to go with Belon oysters this week, but the selection will change from week to week depending on what Dan feels like are the best we can possibly buy. I don't think there is much else to be said about oysters. If you love'em, you love'em. If you don't, you compare them to a sinus infection. I didn't grow up eating raw oysters, but I love them now. They are perfection in their simplicity.

Who was the first person who cracked open an oyster and thought 'that looks like something that came out of my nose recently...hmmm, let's see how it tastes'? I don't know who that person was, but I do know that standing around, throwing back raw oysters and drinking beer(Nation Bohemian, please) is one of life's true pleasures. I encourage you to come into the restaurant, have a bottle of champagne and some oysters.

Here's a video of Sheppard Mansion sous chef, Scott Robinson demonstrating the preparation and storage of these pristine oysters.

In this video, Scott demonstrates proper techniques for shucking the oysters.

This photo shows the finished plate. Oysters, ice, three sauces(classic mignonette, thai chili sauce, and country ham mayonnaise) Done.

On the way to the dining room....


leslie hatfield said...

I hope you've still got oysters on the menu when I come up to check out the Mansion -- I just started eating them last year and can't believe I was such a baby about them before.

I always think about how brave that first person must have been. Or maybe they were just real hungry.

Anonymous said...

As someone who stumbled upon your blog on the web and lives absolutely nowhere close to your restaurant, I wish you would post how to select the best oysters at the seafood market. I have no idea how to know if what I am looking at is good since they all look like a rock!