Thursday, May 27, 2010

How many hours are in a day?

Right. There aren't enough hours in a day. Just like everyone else, my 'to do' list is huge and seems to get longer when I sit down to rewrite it. So, what's the point?

Well, sometimes you just don't have enough hours of daylight and you're not sure when you're gonna be able to come up for air. However, sometimes the radishes have to get picked. Radishes don't give a damn if you're busy. When they're ready, they're ready. Period. So, get your ass out and pick them.....and pick them I did; after dinner service. Tonight. Check it out.

This first pic is from this past sunday when we planted 24 heirloom tomato plants.

OK, so check this video. Yes, it's a moonlit night and that doesn't come across in the video. Sorry, but come on....I'm picking radishes at 10pm!!!!

Here's the finished product. French breakfast radish.

And, here's your final video. Radishes cleaned, lined up and ready for service tomorrow morning. Farm to table? You betcha. wink, wink.

Oh, and if you don't have an iPhone and are picking radishes at 10pm, I highly suggest investing in one. The flashlight app was a life saver tonight.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Playin' in the dirt.

Wow. It's been way too long since I've posted. Sorry about that! This Spring has been very busy and I guess I just fell a bit behind on posting.

So, in order to make up for my lack of post-ability, I've got a bunch of content to throw your way over the next few days and I promise to post with a bit more regularity. Honestly, with so many interesting projects in the works and such great products coming to our back door, I feel like I could post every day!

OK, here we go.....updates from the garden.

A couple of weeks ago, we started processing this piece of land.

After an initial pass by the tractor, the cleaning of the soil(raking grass and picking out rocks) was under way, followed by multiple passes with our tiller.

OK, let the planting begin! In the photo below, you can see the mound to the left which are piles of grass and debris that we sifted off the soil to make for a smoother dirt of can also catch the stakes poking out of the ground which label our rows.

During this first stage, we planted the following seeds: sunflowers, chinese asters, golden marguerite, german chamomile, firmament, chives, sweet mace, scarlet nantes carrots, plum purple radish, borage, and french breakfast radish.

Round 2 of planting concentrated solely on potatoes. Namely two varieties. La ratte and german butterball.

I have to take a second at this point and let everyone know that I'm not doing this garden on my own. My dad has been an enormous source of information and physical labor and without his help, NONE of this would be happening. So, thanks Dad! YOU should thank my dad every time you enter the restaurant this growing season. During Round 2 of planting my dad and I were joined by Mansion waiters Sam Jacquez and Brian Roark. Can you believe that shit? Some restaurant waiters can blather on about the restaurant's alleged farm to table ethos, but how many waiters can not only describe the variety of potato that you're asking about, BUT can they also tell you that they planted those potatoes? These guys got their hands dirty putting those seed potatoes in the ground. They got a sore back digging down into the soil to create the trough for the seeds. I gotta thank Sam and Brian for showing up the day after a long Mother's Day service to help us plant these special potatoes. So, if you've been to the restaurant, you'll recognize Sam in this picture, cutting seed potatoes.

In this shot, you'll see Brian placing the seed potatoes. Again, here's one of our waiters working the garden, growing your food. Why on God's green Earth would you want to eat anywhere else?????????

This final shot is my dad pulling soil over the newly planted potatoes. The first thought that came into my head when posting this photo was 'God bless sweatpants'.

That's where we're at with the garden. The herb garden on the property has been giving us onions, edible flowers and herbs for weeks....I encourage you to come a little early for your reservation, grab a glass of champagne and stroll the gardens. It's such a relaxing way to start the dinner!