Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Sweet World of Country Ham

If you read my '25 Random Food Things', you may have noticed that I really wish someone would make a dessert out of country ham. Well, what can't that someone be me? We got a shipment of Benton's ham yesterday and as I fell asleep with the sweet aroma of country ham on my hands, I thought 'why don't you make a filling for chocolates with ham, pretzels, butter and maple syrup?'(Don't all of you fall asleep thinking of new ways to use country ham? If we all did, the world would be a better place. Trust me.)

So, round 1 of testing started today with a mixture of Benton's ham, Revonah pretzels(if you have to ask, you've never had them. Your loss) and some Bliss Maple Syrup. I processed the ham, pretzels, and syrup until they made a somewhat smooth paste and then warmed the mixture through with brown butter. We are actually going two ways with this experiment. 1.Filled Chocolates. 2. A chocolate bar.

I'll keep you updated.....or, maybe I'll just say it didn't work out and keep all the goodies for myself.....which will it be....which will it be....?????


Tim said...

I am excited about this brother. Now you did use Virginia ham with this right?

Amy said...

omg-now that would be my valentine's candy of choice!!!