Tuesday, February 03, 2009

25 Random Food Things About Me

OK, so I gotta confess that I've been inspired by the cultural phenomenon that is Facebook and the chain letter like '25 Random Things About Me'.(also, by Pim who broke away from Facebook and posted on her blog) I've decided to post 25 Random FOOD Things About Me. Enjoy!

1. I hate using tongs.
2. I wish country ham could be used as a dessert
3. My favorite food memories are not of five star dining or foie gras and truffles, but of my mom's home cooking and my dad's roasted prime rib and horseradish sauce.
4. The first wine I remember really enjoying was Markham Merlot.
5. I think if you use tweezers to plate food; it's not really food.
6. Farmers are the new rock stars.
7. I eat so much asparagus in the spring that I get sick of it. By August, I want it to be the end of April again.
8. I have a lot of knives, but really only use three.(each of these three knives has a name....don't ask)
9. I have more cookbooks than your local Barnes and Noble, but when I'm writing menus I rarely consult them for ideas.
10. When I'm really stuck for menu ideas, I like to listen to Jimmy Buffett on my way to work or when I'm exercising. Something about Jimmy gives me ideas.
11. My two heroes are Marco Pierre White and Jean Louis Palladin.
12. My favorite ingredient is currently Maldon Sea Salt.
13. I'd like to bathe in lard at some point.
14. This is the only way I want to cook. If I had to change, I'd do something else.
15. I once cried because I burned a piece of fish.
16. My love of food stems from summers watching my mom and dad garden and freeze vegetables at home.
17. My favorite kitchen tool is a tie between a Kunz spoon and blue painters tape.
18. I've eaten every type of offal. Yes, even brains.(Insert Hannibal Lecter comment here) My favorite is tongue.
19. I once turned three cases of potatoes because I needed to get better at turning potatoes.
20. I freak out if my pots aren't all lined up in the correct order.
21. I would like to sometime produce a multi-course meal outside using nothing other than a wood fire.
22. One of the happiest food days I've had since moving back to Hanover was meeting Kathy Glahn on an early saturday morning almost two and a half years ago at the Gettysburg Market.
23. Natty Boh and crabs should be their own food group.
24. Nutter Butters. Enough said.
25. I think cheese is a better expression of terroir than wine.


Sharon Sheppard said...

I can help you out with # 21 - Fire + wood = divine!

Carol said...

#24 -- even more than Pop Tarts?

chapeaulong said...

#25 I've got the cheese for you! Cherry Glen Chevre, Terroir? You will think you are in the pen with the goats, and I'm not kidding, it's borderline offensive, but soooo good!