Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tell your melons to stop looking at me.

I love melons. I love caressing melons. I love cradling melons. I love the sweet aroma that a perfect melon gives off when it is held 'just right'. I like to nestle my face between two freshly picked melons and feel the sun bathed warmth all over my face.(if you think I didn't have the most amazing time writing that last paragraph, you're nuts!)

Anyhow, by now your familiar with our bumper crop of melon this year. You might also remember that I recently returned from a trip to Italy where I had a lot of cantaloupe wrapped in melon. One particular meal that stood out was a combination of cantaloupe, ham and clove. That was the inspiration for this dessert.

Yes, dessert. I know, I know, I know. Dessert is meant to be chocolate cake with peanut butter icing or a baked alaska or something like that. This dessert is nothing 'like that'.

I took our amazing charentais melon and made some ice cream. Candied some of the world's best bacon(ours) with brown sugar, made a clove cake, tossed in some lemon verbena granola, compressed charentais melon and a finish of vanilla beam cream cheese. It all comes together pretty nicely and is an interesting interpretation of the classic savory cantaloupe and ham. If you get to the restaurant within the next few weeks, you'll notice there are a few 'garden inspired' desserts. I would order one of each if I were you!

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