Friday, October 09, 2009

Where does your beef come from?

Much has been written about ground beef over the past few days. If you're out of the loop, check out this article in the New York Times. Actually, let's be truthful. It seems we're getting bombarded with news alerts about a different food recall every week. I am of the opinion that the best thing you can do to not only get the most flavorful food, but the safest food is to know where your food came from. When I get beef, I know where it came from.(if you're living in Hanover, you do too. You've driven past them countless times)

Want flavorful food? Want safe food? Want food with a story? Want food that represents the area where you live? Well.......know where your food comes from AND talk to the folks responsible for producing that food. Period.

By the can have access to the very same beef I use at the restaurant. Yes, you can cook this amazing beef at home. Call the Mansion at 717.633.8075 for details on how to get you hands on this great product.

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