Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Pleasures

Here's the thing....when friends visit the restaurant, many times they come bearing gifts for the kitchen.(which we REALLY appreciate). I'm not talking about Mauviel cookware or socks. No, I'm talking about the simple pleasures that really light the twinkle in obsessive, hungry and thirsty cook's eyes. An example is perhaps a case of National Bohemian beer.....or the ever popular Nutter Butter cookies. However, when friend and fellow blogger Carol Blymire visits, she always showers us with the third of my obsessive food and drink trifecta, Pop Tarts.(She's been able to source dulce de leche and blueberry muffin pop tarts....wha?) Yes, the guys cooking the foie gras, truffles and south central PA's most amazing meats and produce are overcome with joy at the sight of a $12 case of beer, peanut butter cookies and toaster 'pastries'....oh yeah, just a small detail, we rarely even toast the Pop Tarts, just open the package and eat them raw. A delicious snack for the cook on the run. So, with that, I give you my very own discovery .....Gingerbread Pop Tarts.(who ever said I couldn't source great products?) I'll report back as to just how delicious they were.

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