Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sticky Buns

I usually don't talk too much about desserts on the blog. I don't know why, maybe I'm just biased toward the savory foods, BUT I do like desserts and will try and be a little better about talking about our dessert program on the blog.

I'm really excited about this dessert. I've loved sticky buns since I was a kid and always thought it would be fun to spin sticky buns on to our menu at some point. Actually, a prune and armagnac sticky bun made an appearance last winter with melted brie as a cheese course. This time around, I've gone back to my good old friend armagnac, however this time with golden raisins. I'm topping it with white chocolate ice cream and a sauce made from the baking juices. The dough is a brioche with salted butter and dark brown sugar swirled in.

I could eat this dish every night and not get tired of it. Well, I don't know about EVERY night, but you get the point. I love the mix of caramelized sugars, fruit, a little bit of liquor and white chocolate ice cream. Simply amazing!

I had a couple of shots of the perfectly plated dessert, but I settled on posting this shot. I plated the dish, took some photos and then put the plate off to the side. When I came back, the ice cream had melted into the sauce and just looked amazing. So, here you go, no food styling, no lighting, just a lusty, sexy plate of food. Come on, you know you wanna get some!!!

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