Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A 'Taste of Elegance' Preparation - Winner, Winner, 'Pork' Dinner Edition

I suppose you can tell from the title of this post that we were awarded the top prize at the National Pork Board's Mid-Atlantic 'Taste of Elegance' in Baltimore on Monday. I'd like to thank the following folks:
Howard Greenblatt from the Pork Board
Beau Ramsburg- without him there's not a pig
Scott, Dan, Taulbee, Karen, and my mom and dad without them there's no way this would have happened. Thanks guys!!!
The staff of the Renaissance Hotel - always professional and very welcoming as we invaded their home
Finally, all the participating chefs for an amazing event

I don't have much more to say....It's an amazing feeling to bring this award back to Hanover. Now we're on to the national event in which may be in Chicago in June. Hear that Nick Kokonas? I might be heading to Chicago....Love to snag a reso. at Alinea.....

Here's the closing video for the project. For all of you Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen junkies, here's what it looks like in the real world. Without make-up, lighting, sound and even 'Gladware'. This is the ultimate 'quickfire challenge'. Believe me, your blood pressure shoots up when the judge comes over and says 'oh, by the way you have 3 minutes.'

By the way....the camera catches everything. Here's our boy Taulbee......working hard.


nickj80 said...

sorry for the delay in responding.... we will do our best to secure a table for you, but only if you bring some award winning pig!



ostman said...

A well-deserved congratulations. Amazing preparations.

Michael@greenakeys.com said...

Alinea was good. Moto was better. Much better. You should DEFINITELY hit Moto first if you are in Chitown.

I have a small farm and Im starting up a CSA next spring. We are going to have a boatload of heriloom tomatoes and veggies, grass fed beef, pork, lamb and Ill be processing my own pastured poultry here on the farm. Im friends with David Smith of Springfield Farm, a PASA member, and I totally did your blog.

My wife and I will be heading up your way soon for an evening out.

My question is, do you do a "kitchen table" at the restaurant?