Sunday, November 09, 2008

A 'Taste of Elegance' Preparation - Day Three

I have to say a big 'I'm sorry' right up front. We took these videos late saturday night after a full night of service....and....Dan decided that he'd like to go see the Flyers, so we were a man down in the kitchen. So, I'm pretty sure the videos aren't the most descriptive, but you get the idea!


In this video we are preparing the shoulders for braising by putting a hard sear on them and then transfering them to a roasting pan. Please note how cool, calm and collected I am even though there is an open flame shooting out from under the pot. Unflappable!!!

No, this isn't a video on how not hot I look in a chef coat. It's me preparing the pork belly for braising.

The final video is me making the base for our sauerkraut sauce. I finished this sauce up today and it is........awesome. No really. It is.

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ostman said...

You know, i bought into this from the beginning, but you really sold it to me with the words "sauerkraut sauce."