Monday, June 13, 2011

Philly gets the Scrapple treatment

I was lucky enough to bring my own version of scrapple to the viewers of NBC10 in Philadelphia today. I had a blast and I think I've turned a few people over from the 'scrapple dark side'. SCRAPPLE AGAINST THE WORLD! Check it out.

View more videos at:


Kara said...

1. I love scrapple with King syrup
2. I'm from York but now live in Philly
3. I'm coming home this weekend to visit family and can't wait to visit the Carriage House
4. If my in-laws don't use their gift certificate to the Mansion soon - I'll use it myself.

Congrats! This is a great clip.

Annette said...

You were wonderful and I also have never heard of brown butter! Will have to try that!