Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tools of the Trade

Notice anything out of the ordinary? When did an iPhone become part of a chef's tools? I don't know for certain. All I can tell you is that it became a part of this chef's tool kit yesterday. Yes, that's correct, it's social networking time for The Sheppard Mansion. My new phone not only has a kick ass camera, but it also has a very good video camera. With this camera, I can instantly upload videos to YouTube and from YouTube, they can go on the blog. I'm also able to constantly update Twitter and Facebook pages right from my phone.(sample: hey, we're breaking down a turtle right now!)

So, why should you care? Good question. First, I'm gonna be better about updating the blog with cool video. More content. Second, I'm gonna be offering up cool deals/special items at the restaurant via Twitter. What kind of deals, you ask? Guess you're gonna have to sign up for Twitter and find out. Yes, that's right, just like In and Out burger, we'll be running 'secret menu items' that you'll only know about and get to experience if you read the Twitter posts. C'mon....you know you want the special menu items. All the cool kids are doing it.

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