Thursday, July 02, 2009

FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now that I have your attention.

What are you doing this friday? Most folks are getting a day off from work. Cool.

Are you going to be grilling food this weekend? Check.

Do you shake your head and nod every time someone mentions how we need to start eating amazing, flavorful foodstuffs that are raised by sustainable, local farmers? Check.

Well, do I have an event for you. AND YOU HAVE NO EXCUSES!!!! You're off of work. You're grilling this weekend. You want flavorful foods that have a story. So, here you go.

This friday, July 3rd, I'll be grilling free samples of Sheppard Mansion Farms Highland Beef burgers and Rettland Farms sausage at The Outlet Shops at Gettysburg from 10am-noon. This awesome display of grilling prowess will be part of the amazing Friday's Farm Fresh Market, so in addition to being able to buy beef and pork products, you'll be able to pick up produce, fruits(hello, it's cherry time!!!) baked goods and flowers for the table.

Bring the kids, bring the whole family....get some great food for the weekend.(bring a cooler and stock up) AND........Here's the kicker. Sheppard Mansion Farms will be debuting a new product made from our Highland beef this friday. All I can tell you is that the first piece of this product I put in my mouth made me smile from ear to ear. It's that good.

I expect to see all of you this friday. Remember, you vote for great food every time you open up your wallet. If you keep buying cheap, flavorless, chemical laden products then our buddies at Big Ag will certainly keep producing it with big smiles on their faces. Take a stand for flavor this friday. See the folks who produce the food. Talk to them, hang out with them. I can't imagine a better way to kick off July 4th weekend.


Anonymous said...

Where can we see the summer price fixe menu?

Chef Andrew Little said...

The summer prix fixe menu changes frequently, so we do not post it. However, the format always stays the same. it is comprised of a soup or a salad, a choice of two entrees and a choice of two desserts. Thank you for your interest.

Anonymous said...

Visited the Market and bought your hamburgers, Rettland Farms' sausage and chicken. Can't wait to try it all. Will you be demonstrating again?

Chef Andrew Little said...

We're currently working on some new recipes utilizing our Highland ground beef. One project I'm very excited about is our beef chili. We're planning on debuting this product around the opening of football season(it'll be perfect for tailgating or having in the crockpot all afternoon on sundays!) I'm planning on being at the Market to roll out this fantastic product. Please check back to the blog for more info. on this demo.

Anonymous said...

Will you be providing any demonstrations in the Hanover Market House? It would be great to see something there. It is a shame such a great resource for local food is only open 6 hours a week.