Monday, May 25, 2009

The Importance of Ambiance - Flowers

When you cruise through the Zagat guide looking for a restaurant, you will notice that they rank restaurants based on three criteria; food, service and decor. Decor is the topic we're going to tackle today.

I think of decor in the broader sense of ambiance. It's the building, the linens, the wallcoverings, the silver, the gardens, the music(very important)......basically everything that isn't service and food. In theater terms, it's the stage and set. In baseball terms, it's the stadium. Ambiance is IMPORTANT. How important? Well, my beloved Baltimore Orioles have have been riding the coattails of the ambiance of their stadium for YEARS!!!!

A big part of the luxury we try to provide is fresh cut flowers. They are a huge part of ambiance for me. It sets the tone for the evening. When you go to the powder room and there's a nice display of flowers....that's special. You get the feeling that you're being taken care of; the 'pleasure process' has begun.

We buy a great deal of our flowers from a few local flower farms, but we are also lucky enough to be able to cruise around the property and pick fresh cut flowers from our grounds. How cool is that? The video below is of Karen picking flowers for the tables one evening last week. As always, I encourage you to come early for your reservation, grab a glass of champagne and tool around our grounds. You might see someone out picking flowers for your dinner table!

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