Monday, May 04, 2009


Below I've posted a couple of photos of the new spring menu.....the real treat is two videos I've posted. One is of Alan Taulbee cutting lettuces during dinner service. The second is of Alan cutting lettuces during an afternoon rainstorm. Yes, you read that correctly. DURING dinner. DURING a rainstorm. For a 'simple' green salad. No Activa RM, no synthetic foodstuffs. Just a 'simple' green salad. I put the word simple in quotes because it may seem like a simple idea. However, how many people have had a salad of greens that were cut minutes before they hit the plate? How many restaurants are this fanatical about sourcing(or growing for that matter) ingredients for a 'simple' salad. In the videos, you're going to see the greens we grow on the property. We also use fantastic greens grown and hand cut by Kathy Glahn of Farm to Chef Gettysburg....and, yes, she has specific cutting instructions just for us.

Dedicated to the best foodstuffs? Yes. Special? Yes. A typical day at The Sheppard Mansion? Yes. Enjoy the pics and vids.

Cooked and raw #1 bluefin tuna....minus 8 vinegar.

English Pea ravioli with crawfish, mint beurre blanc and pea tendrils

This final photo shows some of the fantastic ingredients we are currently working with....Tim Brown's Strawberries(these are greenhouse strawberries), morel mushrooms, purple asparagus, ramps, pea tendrils and rhubarb. Awesome stuff.

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