Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paris, Part Deux

Okie dokie. I gotta apologize to all the faithful readers out there who have wondered what the hell happened to me. Actually, I've been wondering the same thing. Our vacation plans had us staying a couple of days in Paris, followed by a week at a rental house the Loire Valley and then back to Paris for one day before flying out. Well, I'm back in Paris. Our house was less than adequate and the town looked like the eastern European town the Russians impound Bill Murray's motorhome in the movie Stripes. So, there was no internet(what?) and we lacked that thing....what's it called????.....a.....oh, yeah. SHOWERHEAD. The towels must have been made by the Brillo company and the upstairs could have been a stage set for the Diary of Anne Frank. So, back to Paris we go. I've pasted in some pics just for reference. Also, if you're planning a trip to the Loire Valley, I'd recommend going in the summer(beware of the Panzer tanks)

Here's the crazy East German looking Wal-Mart like super store from Selles Sur Cher....whoppeee!!!!! I was waiting for manish looking female swimmers to come out the doors.....
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So, I've got tons of cool entries from Paris, but I'm just glad that I've finally got some internet access(limited as it is) and can continue to fill you in on what's up in Paris.

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Beau said...

What a surprise! I thought that you had changed your names to Francois and Sophie, and were embarking on a lifelong nomadic, Deadhead-like pursuit of French cuisine, wearing berets and not deodorant, living out of an `85 Renault, and developing a requisite repulsion of us damned Yankees and our Etats Unis. All this while those of us left back in the frozen tundra of SC PA were left with a giant, unquenchable need for pretzel rolls and house made bacon, wondering what the hell happened to you!! And to find out it was all because of the boondocks...Imagine my relief!