Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Open!!!

OK, there are a couple of signs that I always look for that tell me that spring is finally on the way. Easter Sunday is one, daffodils popping through the still cool soil is another, longer days....yet another. The biggest sign that spring and summer is right around the corner is that The Tropical Treat opens up its doors and fires up the deep fryers. I want to set the record straight right now: chefs don't have refrigerators full of foie gras and truffles and wine cellars full of the finest vintages of grape juice. We do have coolers full of National Bohemian beer and on our nights off we eat cheeseburgers. I know, I know everyone reads Gourmet where Star Chef Whoever says how he/she really likes eating sushi on his nights off because he/ she really enjoys the clean, fresh flavors. Now, I like sushi and we have a really great sushi place in Hanover's what I really like: I like the 'clean, fresh' feeling of a greasy Fat Boy cheeseburger with its neon pink sauce, some onion rings, an ice cold Coke and the smell of newly turned fields in the air.

Below is something that must be a Hanover original. They call it a 'French Poodle' and it's a griddled hot dog topped with hamburger barbeque on a hamburger roll. Simply delicious! Yes, Karen ate this.

OK, how do you end the perfect spring meal? Well, you drive across town and get a raspberry and vanilla twist in a pretzel cone from the York Street Treat. Does life get more delicious?

Alrighty folks. I know this post was a departure from our normal 'here's our whole hog' or 'here's how we take a set of ingredients and rock out something amazing and creative on the plate' but I thought everyone would enjoy knowing that Karen and I aren't quaffing Pouilly Fuisse and eating escargots on our days off!!! Well, actually we do sometimes..... Cheers.


ostman said...

So, where do you like to get your sushi in the Hanover area?

Chef Andrew Little said...

I like Full Moon on Baltimore Street...beside Bill Bateman's. Haven't tried any other place mainly because the sushi is really pretty good and they are great people. Any suggestions? We almost went to Padhka's Thai House in Dillsburg, but the Tropical Treat one tonight.

ostman said...

I've eaten sushi there, and enjoyed it, but I'm fairly "new" with sushi! Wasn't confident enough to know how it compares to other establishments.

Frances said...

Yay, the Tropical Treat is open! I've been meaning to get back to Hanover and photograph the Tropical Treat in all its after-dark neon glory...then mosey a few miles down the road to capture the old Utz neon sign.

Found you via Ruhlman's blog, BTW.

French Laundry at Home said...

Wow -- that brings back memories. I haven't been to "The Trop" in almost 15 years! Former Yorker here, now in DC. Nice to see someone from my hometown area joining the food blog world.

ostman said...

Who'd have thought the Treat would inspire such great conversation! I have to admit, though... the crunchy things in the Fat Boy always caused me some concern. ;)

If you go to and type "tropical treat" in the search box at the bottom, you can see two black and white photos. (The direct URLs don't wrap well in blogger posts.)