Friday, March 07, 2008

The Best Ham You'll Never Eat

OK, folks....after 16 months of time spent hanging in our cold cellar our first 'Pennsylvania Pro-shoot-o' was cracked open. Honestly, we have a pretty serious, quiet, when I cut into this ham and all of us shouted like we were 10 years old and it was Christmas morning(ok, maybe I was the only one shouting) people took notice. I have to be pretty straight forward here. We put two hams up last November(2006) and when we cracked into this ham today I don't think the expectations were very high. Like I always say, if you have no expectations you'll never be disappointed. Anyhow, upon tasting this ham all of us discovered what a wonderful flavor it has. Slightly reminiscent of the Italian versions, a bit more balanced and less salty than our beloved country ham. It is truly a unique and amazing product.(Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not just blowing smoke, either. It's just not in my make-up.) However, since this ham was a personal experiment and the fact that I'm an idiot, there are no notes on the process. So, it is officially the best ham you'll never eat.(unless you're a close friend of the restaurant...then we might be able to work something out) Anyhow, we're getting a lot better about note keeping, so hopefully sometime soon( well, it's soon if you consider 16 months soon) we'll have a ham that we can share with everyone. Until then, enjoy eating hams from all over the world, but know that soon there will be a new ham on the block!

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Anonymous said...

Looks great, but it's still not the Canopy!