Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving is Really Mad at Us

Yes, folks that's right a holiday is actually mad at us. Why, you ask? Well, because through the infinite wisdom of major retailers everywhere we have decided to skip Thanksgiving. I'm not talking about the actual day. I'm talking about the build up. The anticipation and the things we most commonly associate with Thanskgiving. We're skipping it this year ladies and gentlemen. I hope you don't mind. Put up the Christmas decorations, listen to the carols 24 hours a day on the radio and please by all means buy the gingerbread spiced latte that Rachel Squawk Box is hawking at the Dunkin'. I love Christmas and everything that goes along with it. However, I also really enjoy Thanksgiving. It's a time when the family gets together to share a meal, friends are home from school and abroad, and we get a chance to reflect on one of the most American of holidays. Think about it. The reason for this holiday actually predates Independence Day. It's a very special day and we should celebrate not only the day, but also the run up. The problem is that Thanksgiving isn't nearly as lucrative as Christmas (that reminds me, I need to hang my turkey day stocking by the fire) so we decide to start Christmas earlier.( I actually saw a Christmas tree being erected right beside the Halloween candy...Note to everyone: Please continue to buy Halloween candy so that we start erecting Christmas trees right after Labor Day.) I can just see it....coming to a Wal-Mart near you.....Our End of Summer Labor Day Sale: the Christmas Wreath! I think the reason I really enjoyed and continue to enjoy celebrating Christmas is because in my house we weren't allowed to really start with Christmas until Thanksgiving was over. What a brilliant idea. Celebrate Thanksgiving and then there is a build up and a finite set of days to listen to Perry Como.

I guess what I'm trying to get across is to celebrate each coming day for what it is and let's not rush into things. Remember, we're celebrating the holidays, not the holiday regardless of what major retailers want you to think. Let's give Thanksgiving its due respect and ........ eat 'till we're sick then fall asleep!!!

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Sarah said...

Nicely said Andrew!