Monday, November 26, 2007

Thank You Emeril!!! I hate Food TV

I was informed today via blogger 'fishbowlny' that Emeril Live will no longer be taped for the 'Food Network'. Yes, the quotes are there on purpose; more on that later. I count myself among the chefs who have a great deal of respect for Emeril. He is the reason that the general public has a better knowledge about ingredients...he was there to help push along our food revolution in the United States...he actually pushed it over the top. We all get caught up in the BAM and how Tony Bourdain called him a sell out. Behind the BAM was a genius. Sure, you could find fault with his cooking on TV. Have you ever tried to demonstrate live in front of people? From someone who has, I'll tell you this: you compromise. The idea is that the audience is entertained and they get the general idea. If they want the uncompromised, hard core stuff they come to the resturant. As for Tony Bourdain calling him a sell out...look at Bourdain. He followed the money, too. He hasn't apoligized. Emeril got us all excited about food. Let's not lose that amazing passion!! Thanks Emeril!!!

Speaking of following the on to the (we like it easy, done in 30 minutes and partly pre-made) Food Network. I used to like watching the Food Network. As an aspiring cook, it was really interesting to be able to turn on the TV and learn from Emeril, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay and Ming Tsai. As the years have moved on, these chefs have been replaced by the wonder of 30 minute meals(how many cans and processed products can I whip into a catch-phrased schlock meal....I'd like to have a sammie with my stoup, hehehehe), a show actually called 'Semi Homemade', and a show that obviously chronicles the best food American has to offer in Diners, Drive In's and Dives. Congrats, Food TV. You've also chased the almighty dollar and are now contributing to the demise of our food culture. You are actually reversing the work that had been done by revolutionaries like Emeril. I'd rather stick a hot poker into my eye than watch Food TV. Don't even get me started on 'Iron Chef America'. There has to be a middle road, a person or idea that can bridge the gap between playing to the crowd(i.e. advertisers) and actually giving some interesting information about well produced interesting food. Hey guys, throw us a bone here. Michael Pollan's book was a best-seller. There has to be some interest the production of great raw materials by rock star artisan farmers all finished by a chef who has toured the farms and makes some interesting, entertaining food. Give me a call Food Network. I'll give you the show we all need. With regards to Iron Chef America...I'm ready Food TV anytime, any place, any ingredient. I'll heed the call. I may not like the concept, but I'm not stupid. I'd like to be on TV.

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Anonymous said...

Cracks me up that the man who used to live on food that could be purchased at 7-11 mocks the nature of food tv. Most of America, where we may love the concept of raw food, slow food, local ingredients, etc.; still have to put dinner on the table 7 nights a week in an efficient, palatable way. I'm impressed by Chef Andy and would love to visit you but realize there is more to food than gourmet.