Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Made in America - The Cookbook

Have you ever left a dinner at The Sheppard Mansion or The Carriage House Market and thought to yourself, 'I'd love to have that pretzel roll recipe'?

Well, buy Lucy Lean's new book 'Made in America - Our Best Chefs reinvent comfort food' and you'll have that recipe! Yep, you read that correctly. The pretzel roll recipe is featured along with recipe from Daniel Boulud, Alain Ducasse and John Besh. What a huge win for PA Dutch food! I've always said that our regional cuisine can go toe to toe with any other regional cuisine and I think the inclusion in this book goes a long way to proving it! Lucy did an amazing job with this book and I'm really excited to have had the opportunity to share a small taste of New PA Dutch cuisine!

The books are available for purchase at both the restaurant and Carriage House Market. Pick one up after dinner or your weekly shopping in the Market.


Phaidan Sherif said...

A pretzel roll doth not a cuisine maketh. Congrats, but let's not get ahead of things.

Chef Andrew Little said...

It is hugely naive to think that Pa Dutch cuisine is only pretzels, basically akin to describing Creole/Cajun cuisine as 'only jambalaya'. You should do yourself a favor and dig into hog maw, scrapple, schnitz und knepp, shoo fly pie, funeral pie, etc. Thanks for reading the blog and I hope you'll stop by the restaurant to try New PA Dutch cuisine at its finest.

Liz said...

My husband and I are coming for your Tasting menu on Saturday and I have been thrilled to read reviews and positive comments. Today I found your blog and can't wait to visit the market, the Inn and have dinner there. So excited! Many of the Pa Dutch items you mention in your post to Phaiden are familiar to me, some are not-but I am willing to try! And you are correct, there is so much more to Pa Dutch than pretzel rolls, although they too are delicious!