Friday, November 19, 2010


Yeah, it's hunting season here in central PA. The air has turned from cool to cold in the early AM and the rake is the yard tool of choice. This time of year I think a lot about game. Not just venison or quail, but pheasant and squab, too.

Pheasant is a fun bird to work with and I decided that I wanted to present both the breast and leg/thigh meat in a chilled dish this Fall. The dish features a pheasant that has been cooked, deboned, tossed with a small amount of gelatin, brown butter, regular butter, parsley and salt and pepper. This mixture is then rolled and chilled. The other pieces to this puzzle are a turnip remoulade to cut the richness of the pheasant, crispy shallots because why not, and an apple butter vinaigrette which brings the dish home to the 717 and solidifies it as EAT LIKE YOU LIVE HERE food! Enjoy!!!


Emily said...

This was my husband's favorite course when we dined at the Mansion on Friday night. (Mine was the scallop -- how did you create that magic with Lebanon bologna? Honestly, I will wonder for the rest of my life.) Everything was fantastic. So glad we finally made it, and can't wait to come again. You are doing wonderful things, Chef. Thank you!

PerennialPlate said...

This looks delicious. I love that the dish is chilled.