Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leavin' on a jet plane.....

That's right. I'm heading to Tuscany tonight for the next 12 days. In addition to trying to get a decent amount of rest, I'm going to try and answer the following questions:

1) Can I eat an entire ham during my stay?

2) Does red wine taste different if you're drinking it at 9am, poolside?

3) Will the famed Tuscan saltless bread taste like a brick of sawdust or be remarkable?

4) Is there any gelato in all of Italy that is better than the raspberry soft serve in a pretzel cone from York Street Treat?

Those are questions I'm looking to answer. Please check out the blog as I'll be trying to post the answers frequently while I'm there.

Isn't that a cool pic? Well, here's a deal for you: Make a reservation between August 4th-7th, mention this blog post, and I'll send you this very dish(made with our kitchen garden's tomatoes and cucumbers....they look great and will be bursting by the time I get back!) compliments of the kitchen. How can you beat that? Well, you can't. Period.

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