Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alaskan Halibut

Yeah, so the beginning of the post is actually the finished product. In my never ending search for pristine products, I've gotten my hands on some amazing Alaskan halibut. This fish comes to us via FedEx and is literally two days out of the water when it arrives at our back door. I know what you're thinking....'Hey, Andy, aren't you the local, sustainable guy?'. Sure I am. However, this area can't supply all the ingredients that we use on our menu(especially fish and luxury ingredients....hello truffles.) So, in these cases, I source the very best products I can from very reputable producers.

This halibut was so amazing when it we were butchering it a ton of ideas ran through my head for how to present it. We also had some halibut cheeks(yes, cheeks) delivered, so I thought it would be nice to pair the fillet and cheek together on the same plate. Garnish items include brussels sprouts, bacon, butternut squash puree, beets and a golden raisin vinaigrette. The fish is simply dusted with wondra flour and browned. Once browned, we flip it over, kill the heat and baste it with butter, parsley and shallots. The fish finishes cooking in the pan and gets a wonderful nutty flavor from the browning butter. Interestingly enough, you get two totally different textures of fish on this plate. The cheeks carry a bit more flavor and a more dense texture. The fillets carry a nice fresh flavor, but texturally, they simply melt in your mouth.

I'm really happy, not only with the super high quality of this fish, but also the fully composed dish. Welcome to Fall!

Check out Scott describing our butchering process.

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bupperoni said...

I had the halibut cheeks during our visit last weekend. They were delicious!