Monday, May 19, 2008

What the hell to do with all that rhubarb and oh yeah, we love country ham

Yep, it's rhubarb season in the rainy northeast. That automatically brings to mind the traditional paring of rhubarb and strawberry which we have been representing as a strawberry and rhubarb crumble tart with creme fraiche ice cream. Nice, but pretty predictable. Scott and I were talking and wondering what else we could do with rhubarb. After some thought, I came up with making a rhubarb and lavender vinegar that we can use as a base to vinaigrettes. We are also using a strawberry and rhubarb sauce to accompany our seared foie gras. Every day brings new possibilities....I just got another load of milk chickens from Beau early this morning, so perhaps a rhubarb and chicken pairing might be in our future. Here's the thing folks....pick up some rhubarb and start cooking with it.

Thought I would post some pics of our newest hams to come out of the aging room. First is just a simple shot of a slab of country ham, fresh out of the aging room. The next two shots prove that we 'dig the pig'.... Honestly, it's good stuff, but for now, it's just for us!!!!

Maybe rhubarb and country ham will go together....I'm hoping to get some hams from Turner Ham House in western Virginia sometime this week...I'll let you know what happens.

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