Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Smoking our Classic Bacon

OK, so we're back at the smoker again today showing a quick clip of smoking our classic bacon. I say classic because this is a recipe I have been using for a couple of years now. It used to be just 'bacon', but now we are messing with a few different recipes in search of a 'better bacon'. So, this stuff goes through a three day cure then it's rinsed off and allowed to dry in front of a fan. Once a skin has formed, we take it to the smoker and allow it to smoke for about 5 hours. Following its stay in the smoke chamber, we chill it down, then wrap and freeze it. As this bacon has no nitrates or nitrites, we consider it a 'fresh' product and store it accordingly. Just a little teaser....we put duck testicles(yes, I said duck testicles) in two different types of pickle brine on saturday night. We'll get them out tomorrow and see how we can work them on to the menu.


Michael Ramondo said...

I'm loving these little video clips. Great idea!! Nice mug, by the way.

Rich said...

Nice pitch for "blog advertising"....Let's see if Ramondo steps up.

On the serious side, at what temp did you try and keep the smoker?

What happened to the hair, dude? A new look?

Chef Andrew Little said...

For this particular bacon, we try to keep the internal temp of the smoker to under 120 degrees. I got a hair cut....I figured that since we're taking videos from 'above' and exposing my solar panel, I might as well just cut it all off!

Also, all inquiries regarding blog sponsorship can be directed to me!

Anonymous said...

Love the videos